MGC terminaling company operates two terminals in Meridian, Mississippi. Each terminal is connected to Colonial and Plantation pipelines. The North terminal offers gasoline and ultra-low-sulfur diesel and ultra-low-sulfur dyed diesel. One lane has two ultra-low-sulfur risers and a ultra-low-sulfer dyed riser. The opposite side has two ultra-low-sulfur dyed risers and two ultra-low-sulfur risers. This helps minimize load time for the customers.

The North terminal offers gasoline and ultra-low-sulfur highway diesel, while the South terminal offers ultra-low-sulfur highway and off-road diesel.

South Rack:

  • Ultra-low-sulfur diesel
  • Ultra-low-sulfur dyed diesel

North Rack:

  • Regular unleaded
  • Premium unleaded
  • Ultra-low-sulfur diesel

Available Products:

  • Ultra-low-sulfur diesel
  • 87 Octane Gas – Regular / 87 ethanol
  • 92 Octane Gas – Premium
  • 93 Octane Gas – Premium / 93 ethanol
  • Ultra-low-sulfur dyed diesel

The terminaling operation offers many services to help wholesale and industrial accounts manage their cost and supply.

Services Available:

  • Prepurchase fuel programs
  • Contract purchase
  • Thru-Put agreements
  • Exchange programs

MGC also operates as a common carrier to assist customers in their logistics needs.